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  • Carbon heaters in all infrared sauna models.

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Far Infrared Saunas

Japanese technology of infrared sauna manufacturing has been on the pinnacle of beauty and health treatment for many years in the country of the Rising Sun.

The main advantage of Infra-Sun FIR saunas are infrared heaters TheraCarbon that work in the wave band "Ray of Life". This most useful part of the solar spectrum is able to penetrate up to 5" deep into the human body. A sense of calm will envelope the body within a few minutes after the session start and you'll feel yourself fully renovated after.

Models of infrared portable saunas from Solo Prima, Tete-a-tete, Beauty Trio, Corner Lux, Grand Lux.

What are the major benefits of infrared sauna usage?

When looking for infrared saunas for sale one should be aware of all the benefits you'll get If you buy infrared sauna such as:

  • An effective way of cleansing the body internally. Neither drugs nor any other methods are as effective for body detoxification as daily sessions in an infrared sauna.
  • Far infrared saunas (FIR saunas) are indispensable for those who want a younger look and more beautiful skin. Thirty minutes a day in an infrared sauna is the best way to look and feel younger.
  • A safe, easy, effective and pleasant way to lose weight. According to the American Medical Association you can burn 300 to 800 calories per session in a FIR sauna, so instead of trying less efficient methods of losing weight, buy infrared sauna and get a wide variety of health benefits as well as weight loss.
  • Great treatment for colds, bronchitis and other illnesses or health problems. Created in Japan in 1965, modern carbon fiber infrared heaters in saunas were initially used exclusively in upscale Japanese clinics. However, they are now available for public usage and today you can find lots of different types of infrared saunas for sale.
  • An excellent mean of relaxation, stress relief and enjoyment. Multiple person infrared saunas allow the family to enjoy pastime together, while benefiting from the infrared rays. Whether you are looking for a 1 person infrared sauna or 4 person infrared sauna we have the perfect model to fit your needs. And all models of our portable saunas are equipped with AM/FM/CD players to enhance your relaxation experience.
  • Sauna users wishing to semi-recline during their daily sessions normally choose one of our 3 or 4 person infrared saunas in Canadian cedar or Canadian hemlock, as all of these models provide a little additional "wiggle room" to semi-recline. Our 4 person Corner Lux models in both Canadian cedar and Canadian hemlock are quite popular with couples who want additional space, as well as a more conversational seating arrangement afforded by the design of our Corner Lux units.
  • If you're more focused on relaxation instead of intensive sauna detox programs, our Canadian hemlock infrared sauna models are the best for you. Compared to other infrared saunas made of different kinds of wood, Infra-Sun's Canadian hemlock infrared sauna models are more economical.

Exclusive Far Infrared Saunas by
BEWARE!!! Make sure you get the latest technology with TheraCarbon heaters - do not settle for less efficient ceramic or other heaters! You need a Canadian Cedar or Canadian Hemlock portable sauna for long lasting quality and beautiful look!

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